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about me

I had the good fortune to grow up in Austin, Texas and to go to a fine college in California.  I've lived in five different countries over the last dozen years and have been teaching English since 2007. 

I've written about diverse topics including medicine, international trade, shipping, history, foreign policy, living abroad, and real estate. 

I've also owned two businesses--a bar in Ho Chi Minh City and a restaurant in Da Nang--so I'm familiar with a business owner's perspective.  

Now I live in Da Nang, Vietnam with my wife and infant son.  I love to read, cook, travel, play guitar, and write.  


Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, California

B.A. International Relations, 2007

St. Giles International, San Francisco, California

CELTA Certification, 2007




"We hired Sam to write articles on a regular basis for our blog over a period of a few months, and it's been a pleasure working with him. Our topics require a lot of research, which Sam was able to handle, and the articles themselves were expected to be very thorough. Sam rose to the occasion and provided us with exactly what we needed." 

-Alex Polizu, Chief Technology Officer, Zwivel


"Samuel contributed several articles to Zwivel's blog, covering a range of topics pertaining to skin care and aesthetic treatments. He consistently met deadlines with clean, well researched content."

-Reuben Finley, Director of Content, Zwivel


"I hired Sam for an on-going ghostwriting project for a blog, and I've been very happy with the results. He's consistently produced great writing and has delivered on time, which has made my life much easier. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to hire a writer." 

-Scott S., Ghostwriting Client


"Sam helped us with the content in our menu at our restaurant, and it looks good. As a high-end steakhouse, it's important that we present ourselves as professional. Small word choices can make a big difference." 

-Scott M., Owner, Olivia's Prime Steakhouse, Da Nang, Vietnam